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Advanced smile technology

Why Dental Implant & Specialty Center?

Our offices use the latest technology to bring out the best in your beautiful smile. We offer 3-D scan capabilities, the most advanced LANAP laser and doctors who are experts with our surgical microscope.

The latest and the greatest

We utilize the latest technologies such as 3-D radiology to more effectively diagnose our patients, which allows for more reliable treatment outcomes. On staff is Dr. David Prusakowski, an endodontist, and a specialist with advanced microscopes, which is a tremendous asset with all procedures. Dr. Hescheles has also joined our team and brings his expertise in LANAP laser periodontology and implantology to the center.

The one and only

The Dental Implant & Specialty Center is the only dental office in the area to utilize 3-D capabilities, highly specialized microscopes and the LANAP laser. The office has multiple specialty doctors who collaborate to bring their diverse talents to every patient. We are always looking to exceed every patient’s expectations and give them the complete professional dental experience.

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Services with a Smile

Dental Implants:

From a single tooth to a complete smile replacement, we can do it all. Our 3-D Cone Beam Scan gives a 3 dimensional exact image with a measuring tool, thus allowing for exact placement of implants for a perfect smile.

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All on 4®:

This is a revolutionary procedure that allows for 4 implants, as well as teeth, to be placed on the same day! Very few surgeons are trained for All on 4®, however our office has been doing this procedure regularly for years now.

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Gummy Smile Correction:

This is an easy and minor procedure for an immediate esthetic result. Our smile makeover experts will leave you with the ‘golden proportion’ that you’ll be smiling at for a lifetime.

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Gum Grafting:

Gone are the days of dozens of stitches and harvesting thick slabs of gum to replace thinning areas. Our office has perfected a technique that is minimally invasive that has made large incisions obsolete. Learn more here.

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Crown Lengthening:

This is a procedure for those with small teeth, teeth with excessive gums, or if there are problems below the gum line. Our doctors use a gum repositioning technique to extend the amount of usable tooth available.

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Bone Grafting:

Whether stimulating your own bone to grow for a more stable structure, or using additional bone to join with existing bone, we have experience with every kind of bone graft under the sun. We are aware of new advances and stay abreast of the ever-changing research of bone grafting in the dental field.

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Sinus Grafting:

Because sinuses come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it is highly important to have the most accurate technology available for grafting. It is essential that your doctor use a 3-D cone beam scan to facilitate predictable treatment outcomes. Our doctors are experts in using the 3-D scanner as well as advanced microscopic technology.

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Modern smile experts

Why Dental Implant & Specialty Center?

Our office has the latest in 3-D scan capabilities.
Our office has the LANAP laser.
Our doctors are experts with our surgical microscope.
Creating a beautiful permanent smile for the rest of your life. See our smiles here.

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